Can Dogs Eat Bologna? Everything You Need To Know

Bologna can be healthy and appetizing for your taste buds, but can dogs eat bologna? Is it safe for your dog? If your dog wants to eat bologna, you should know what bologna is and what are the pros and cons of bologna.

Bologna is a type of meat, also known as baloney. It seems like an American dish but it was first originated in Italy. Bologna meat is a piece of thick sausage that contains spices, herbs. It is used in making sandwiches.

Generally, bologna is not recommended for dogs. But there are few things that you should know about the consumption of bologna meat. Let’s take a look at suggestions on “Can dogs eat bologna?”

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Can Dogs Eat Bologna?

Although bologna is a type of meat and dogs are meat lovers. If you think can dogs eat bologna? Is bologna a good treat for your dog? What are the pros and cons of eating bologna?

The answer is YES, dogs can eat bologna. But the amount of bologna should be kept minimum. Bologna is a form of processed meat, contains sodium and can be harmful to your dog. Besides harms, bologna has some benefits too. 

1) Benefits of Eating Bologna:

Researchers say that bologna has no significant benefits. But if your dog wants to eat some, the only advantage it will offer your dog is protein. Bologna is rich in proteins and will help your dog in building red blood cells and amino acids.

You can give your dog a little amount of bologna. On other hand, you cannot ignore the high amount of sodium and spices. It will cause serious health issues if consumed in excessive amounts.

When we talk about feeding your dog bologna, proteins cannot justify the risks that come along. Let’s dive in to know more about “can dog eat bologna?”

What Kind of Ingredients Does Bologna contain?

Your dog loves to eat bologna and consumes it on regular basis? It can be dangerous for his health. Bologna contains chemicals and calories dangerous for your dog’s health.

If your dog gets excited by the idea of eating bologna, it is still unhealthy for his health. Before consuming bologna, you should know what ingredients are being used in making it and how they can harm your dog.

1) Nitrates:

Nitrates contain chemical mixtures used to process meat and to add flavors. It is also used to give meat its color and prevent bacteria.

As far as nitrates are unhealthy for humans, it is also worse for dogs. Bologna contains a high amount of nitrates. A huge amount of nitrate consumption can harm your dog’s kidneys, stomach, and liver. It can even lead to cancer in your dog.

2) Sodium Chloride:

Like nitrates, bologna also contains a high amount of sodium chloride, also known as salt. Sodium chloride helps bologna improves its taste. Bologna contains more than 30 mg of sodium chloride per slice.

Can Dogs Eat Bologna

As salts are dangerous for your pooches. So, excessive intake of Sodium chloride can be fatal for your dog’s health. Sodium consumption can lead to hypertension and heart diseases.

3) Calories and Fats:

We have mentioned above that bologna contains high calories and fats, which are harmful to your dog’s health. 57 grams of bologna is equal to 2 cups of eating ice cream. This amount can lead to weight gain, diabetes, and pancreatitis.

4) Corn Syrup:

Many bologna makers use corn syrup to improve its taste and make it addictive. Dogs love to eat bologna because they find it addictive due to corn syrup. When dogs eat too much bologna, it can lead to sugar, diabetes, and heart diseases.

Can Dogs Eat Bologna? How it Affect a Dog’s Health?

If you want to keep your dog healthy and away from the vet. You should know the health risks of giving your dog bologna meat. We have discussed some below:

1) Pancreatitis:

Pancreatitis is a disease that takes place in a dog’s pancreas. It can be severe or life-threatening, depending on the situation. High consumption of bologna meat can cause pancreatitis in your dog.

Can Dogs Eat Bologna

Common symptoms of Pancreatitis are fever, vomiting, and diarrhea. If not treated timely, it can also lead to the death of your dog.

2) Stomach Infection:

Processed meats like bologna meat consist of a high amount of fats and whatnot. Dog’s digestive system is not as healthy as humans to contain a huge amount of fats. Too much consumption of bologna meat cannot be easily digested by dogs.

It will lead to stomach infections, vomiting, bloating, and stomach pain. It can also affect your dog’s organs. But you can treat him with proper diet and care. 

What Are The Healthy Alternatives To Bologna For Dogs?

Even though a little piece of bologna meat cannot harm your dog. But it is still not safe for his health. There are some other types of meats that are dog-friendly. If your dog wants to eat meat, you can give him raw or un-processed meat.

Forget bologna and give your dog vitamins, minerals, and grains. You can get your dog different dog special products. You can get natural products that will keep your dog healthy and fresh. 

Can Dogs Eat Bologna? Final Words:

Coming towards final words to “can dogs eat bologna?” Dogs can eat bologna, but it is not recommended for dogs. It contains many harmful ingredients and can cause many health problems for your dog. 

If you give bologna meat as a treat to your dog, stop doing that. Instead, you can give him natural meat and other health-conscious foods that will not harm your dog.

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