Can Dogs Eat Shrimp

Can Dogs Eat Shrimp? Are Shrimps Safe for Dogs?

Dogs love to eat all kinds of seafood. They find a different kind of attraction in seafood, same is the case with shrimp. You may notice your dog looking at your plate while you are enjoying shrimp and you want to share it with your pooch also but you think can dogs eat shrimp? 

Shrimps are safe and healthy for dogs. They can be a tasty and appetizing addition to your dog’s meal. They are rich in protein and fiber, but you should always give cooked shrimps to your dog as their shell can cause choking in your dog.

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Can Dogs Eat Shrimp? Benefits of Shrimps

Shrimps can be an excellent treat for your dog. They contain vitamin B12 and phosphorus that help your dog in having a healthy life. Shrimps also contain antioxidants that help your dog in anti-aging and brain-aging.

Let’s discuss furthermore benefits of giving shrimps to your dog:

1) Glucosamine:

Glucosamine is an amino sugar made up of glutamine and glucose and it helps in the joint betterment of dogs. Shrimps are a rich source of glucosamine. Although, dogs can produce glucosamine naturally sometimes they need a proper diet to improve functionality.

If your dog has weak joints or other issues related to joints, you should consider giving him shrimps, it will help him recover from joint problems.

2) Taurine:

Shrimps contain taurine that helps dogs in curing diseases like heart, eyes, brain, and immune systems. Usually, shrimp contains 48 mg taurine per ounce.

Like glucosamine, dogs can also produce taurine on their own, but giving taurine in dog food can reduce their risks of blindness and also prevents them from seizures.

3) Astaxanthin:

Have you ever noticed that shrimps turned pink after cooking? It is because shrimps release astaxanthin when heated. Astaxanthin is an antioxidant that protects dogs from cancer, premature brain aging, and other chronic diseases.

Astaxanthin also helps dogs in boosting the immune system, reducing eye problems, heart diseases, and improves joint healthiness.

Can Dogs Eat Shrimps? Risks of Eating Shrimps

Like everything has benefits as well as disadvantages, the same is the case with shrimps. Above, we have discussed the benefits of shrimps. Now we are going to tell you about health issues related to shrimp. 

1) Raw Shrimps:

Raw shrimps include bacteria, salmonella, and listeria. So you should always cook shrimp properly before giving it to your dog. The bacteria are so strong that they can make your dog sick if remained alive in undercooked shrimps. If this happens, take your dog to the vet.

2) Shells & Tails:

Shells and tails of shrimps contain a huge risk of choking for dogs. shrimp’s tails are made of chitosan and they are very difficult to digest and can get stuck in the throat. It can damage your dog’s mouth and internal organs.

What Are the Alternative Food to Shrimps?

If you don’t want your dog to eat shrimps or you are getting concerned about your dog’s health regarding this, you can give him alternative foods for your dog. Below is given the list of foods that are alternatives to shrimps.

1) Sardines:

These fishes are smaller in size and rich in nutrients, proteins, and omega-3 fatty acids. 

2) Salmon:

Salmon should be served boneless and properly cooked so that your dog can easily digest it. These fishes are very healthy and scrumptious for dogs and can be given a treat and reward to dogs.

3) Green Lipped Mussels:

These fishes are available in New Zealand and they contain a high amount of fatty acids and glycosaminoglycan that helps dogs pain-relieving and also protect them from arthritis.

Can Dogs Eat Shrimps? Nutritional Benefits of Shrimps

Shrimps are low-calorie food and contain many nutritions. They are rich in proteins, omega-3 fatty acids, and nutritions that are beneficial for a dog’s joints, skin, and brain. Shrimps also contain selenium, vitamin B12, and choline copper that are healthy for your dog.

Can Dogs Eat Shrimp

In general, every three-ounce amount of shrimp delivers 20 grams of proteins and every single shrimp contains seven calories at a time.

Can Dogs Get Allergic to Shrimps?

Whenever you introduce a new food to your dog, start with a small amount (half a shrimp for a medium-sized dog) and monitor for any adverse reactions, stresses Dr. Joslin

Most dogs love shrimp and can tolerate small amounts as part of their normal diet,” says Dr. Joslin. So, the next time it’s seafood night, you can let your pup have a shrimp bite knowing there’s nothing fishy about your pup eating shrimp.

As always, consult your veterinarian before adding new foods to your dog’s diet.

Dogs are very sensitive when it comes to food and diet. You have to be very careful about what food are you giving to your dog as they can easily get allergic to foods. Now, if you think whether dogs can get allergic to shrimps? The answer is; Yes, they can be allergic to shrimps.

Symptoms of allergic reactions in dogs include:

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Itching
  • Swelling on face
  • Difficulty in taking breathe.

If you are about to introduce shrimps to your dog, give him only half shrimp that too without tail or shells, and wait for 24 hours. If you don’t notice any above given symptoms, you may give them more.

Can Dogs Eat Shrimp? – Conclusion:

The final verdict to “can dogs eat shrimps?” is yes, dogs can eat shrimps but in a moderate amount. As excess of everything is dangerous. Shrimps contain proteins, minerals, and vitamins that can give many health benefits to your dog.

Always make sure to remove the tail and shells of shrimps before giving them to your dog as it can cause choking or stomach issues. If you observe any odd behavior of your dog after feeding him shrimp, he might be having an allergy to it. Take him to the vet for proper treatment. 

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