Can Dogs Eat Prunes? How Do They Affect A Dog’s Health?

We all consider prunes as a healthy snack. They provide plenty of benefits to humans. If you own a greedy doggo, they must have nibbled on your prunes till now. But can dogs eat prunes? Is it safe for them, or do you need to take your pet in an emergency?

Simply, yes they can but you shouldn’t feed them. They aren’t toxic like any other food. But, it can create health problems for your pet.

However, this isn’t the only information regarding prunes. In this article, we will discuss how bad it is to give your dog prunes and what are the possible side effects.

What Are Prunes? Are They Healthy For Dogs?

Dried plum is often referred to as a prune. They are most commonly found in the European region. These snacks are love for some people while others wouldn’t imagine eating.

It’s also used to help us relieve constipation.

These are from plum species that have a high soluble solids content. These plums do not ferment during the drying process.

A point to remember is that prunes and plums are not the same. Prunes are the type of dried fruit while the plums are way richer in fiber than any other kind of it.

The prunes have pits inside of them. Those which are hard to remove are clingstones and grown for fresh consumption. While most of the pits are easy to remove and termed freestone cultivars.

You can check the nutritional value of prunes below:

  • Water – 31%
  • Carbs – 64%
  • Dietary fiber – 7%
  • Fat – 2%
  • Vitamin K – 1%
  • Vitamin B – 16% of DV
  • Dietary minerals – 10-16% of DV

1) Can Dogs Eat Prunes?

The question remains, can dogs have prunes? No, dogs shouldn’t eat prunes on purpose. Prunes are not as toxic as raisins, garlic, or chocolates. But dogs can face difficulty in digesting. In some cases, they can be the cause of digestive problems.

Not only the prunes can cause problems like abdominal pain or diarrhea. But, the pits are highly harmful too.

There are high chances it can obstruct the air passage too. Plus, it has amount cyanide, but ensure the removing pits before dehydration.

In humans, prunes help to ease constipation because of their high fiber content. But, this isn’t the case with dogs. Even though fiber is good for dogs, overconsumption will do more harm than good.

Due to this, the cons of prunes for dogs outweigh the pros, which you’ll find further in the article.

2) Can Prunes Cause Toxicity in Dogs?

No, prunes are not toxic for dogs. But, that doesn’t mean it’s is beneficial either. However, the pits, leaves, and stems contain traces of cyanide. This compound is life-threatening if your dog ingests them.

If your pooch accidentally eats a pitted prune it won’t kill them. But, you should look for any side effects throughout the day. If they are mild symptoms, they will stop after a couple of days.

The prunes themselves don’t provide any noticeable benefits. But, the pits have a higher probability to cause problems. As said before, prunes aren’t deadly like chocolate, garlic bread, or any nuts.

3) What Makes Prunes Harmful for Dogs?

Even though, prunes have polyphenol antioxidants in higher quantity. It reduces inflammation and lowers the threat of numerous chronic diseases. But, these all benefits are only for humans and invalid for dogs.

There are plenty of other fruits your dog can have. This dried form of plum is not only having a strong taste but the effect of the fiber is more powerful too. If you’re wondering what ingredient makes prune a big NO for dogs, then read below:

A) High Fiber and Sugar Content:

Eating a single prune once in a blue moon isn’t a problem. But frequent feeding is an issue due to high sugar and fiber content. These two components in excess will disrupt your pooch’s digestive system. And also cause intestinal issues.

Can Dogs Eat Prunes

Prunes are rich in fiber. It has more quantity than a dog requires. Fiber is present naturally in many vegetables and fruits.

You can choose any of the vegetables with a moderate amount. But, Prunes aren’t one of the recommended ones.

Prunes also have high sugar content. Either in humans or animals, too much sugar causes weight gain and diabetes.

One prune holds 3.9 grams of sugar. This is beyond the recommendation for dogs. Overweight dogs are also on the verge of getting heart diseases. Like blocked vessels and high cholesterol. Apart from prunes, junk food like skittles, soda, or caramel isn’t good too.

B) Prune Pits:

Like most fruits, prune pits are hard and indigestible. The rough surface of the pit causes problems to the dog’s guts. The damaged gut lining causes diarrhea, discomfort, and bleeding.

Smaller dogs like Goldendoodles, suffer a lot with large pits. The stones get stuck creating a gastrointestinal blockage. This condition is fatal for pets, if not treated on time.

Dog Overate Prunes – Now What?

The common signs of overeating prunes can look like:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Bloating
  • Abdominal pain

These symptoms will go away in a few days. However, if the condition persists, call a vet immediately for further help. Your vet will help in making sure your pooch goes home with no symptoms.

Can Dogs Eat Prunes

There is no need to panic if you’ve accidentally fed your dog a prune. Monitor your dog’s condition and look for any signs that we mentioned above.

Lethargy is another common cause that links with overeating prunes. If your pooch is unable to control its vomiting, it is also an alarming sign.

Give them plenty of fluids as vomiting can cause severe dehydration as well.

Is Prune Juice Good for Dogs?

No, not even the prune juice is good for dogs. You aren’t supposed to give your dog any liquid except for water. Any other juices or fluids won’t keep dehydration at bay in dogs.

Keep in mind that fruit juices along with prune juice have sugar, which might cause diabetes.

Final Thoughts:

To sum up, the topic of whether can dogs eat prunes or not? No, it shouldn’t constitute a part of their diet on purpose.

Prunes will cause obesity and diabetes due to sugar. Gastric issues are common because of high- fiber content.

While most dogs are peaky eaters, try adding everything slowly to their regular food. If you give your pup a prune someday, remove the pit. These pits will upset your dog’s tummy.

If you want to add minerals to their diet, try some other fresh fruits and vegetables. Apples, bananas, or berries are great ideas to add to your dog’s diet.

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