Can dogs eat plantains

Can Dogs Eat Plantains? Things To Know Before Feeding

Many people are afraid of feeding plantains to their dogs. Plantains look like bananas but they actually are not. They belong to the same family but with some significant differences.

You can serve your dogs with plantains. They have nutritional elements. Yet, excess of everything is bad. So, in this article, we are going to find: Can dogs eat plantains, if yes then how much?

What Are Plantains?

Plantains are members of the banana family. Bananas and plantains are quite similar in appearance. But, both have definite differences. 

For instance, bananas are more starchy and sugary than plantains. Moreover, the outer coat of plantains is thicker than bananas.

Origin Of Plantains:

The origin of Plantains is South East Asia, like bananas. But today, we can get them everywhere in the world.

Can Your Dog Eat Plantains?

Plantains are not toxic; your pup can eat them. The human digestive system is quite different from dogs. So, feed them to your pooches in a moderate quantity. In case your dog didn’t like plantains you can also try some alternates in the form of vegetables like cabbage or edamame beans.

Are Plantains Unsafe For Dogs Health?

Plantains just like eating grass frantically are not harmful to eat. But for doggies, they can be unsafe. Any new food item can produce unsuitable results for them. Plantains can cause stomach problems in your poodles. Thus, in the beginning, feed them in small quantities and observe.

Plantains are not harmful to eat. But for doggies, they can be unsafe

I will describe more dangers of plantains in the upcoming lines. But first, read it twice: age and health of dogs do matter!

Drawbacks Of Raw Plantains

Raw plantains are harmful to dogs due to the following reasons:

Raw Plantains are starchy, thus not suitable for dogs. They can affect metabolism by slowing it down. Moreover, high fibers in raw plantains can lead to gastrointestinal issues.

Raw Plantains are starchy, thus not suitable for dogs

Furthermore, raw plantains can be quite sugary for your dogs. Boiling or baking them can reduce the amount of sugar. 

So it is better not to feed plantains in raw form.

Five Effects of Consuming Too Many Plantains

Very healthy food can become toxic if given in excess. The same is the case with plantains. Consumption of too many plantains can lead to the following troubles.

1) Obesity (Weight Gain): 

Eating large numbers of plantains can make your dog a fatty furry beast.

2) Eating Plantains Can Increase Blood Sugar:

Excessive intakes of plantains can raise sugar in the blood. If your doggy is diabetic, avoid feeding plantains to them.

3) Plantains Can Cause An Upset Stomach:

An ample amount of plantains can disturb your pouches’ stomachs. They can lead your pups to lose motion and vomit.

4) Plantains Can Cause Rise In Cholesterol:

Plentiful plantains can increase the level of cholesterol. A rise in cholesterol level can block the arteries of your furry friends.

5) Bad Temperament: 

Disturbance in the stomach is irritable. You will observe the mood swings of your doggies in this situation.

Thus, never let your pooches have plenty of plantains. Half a plantain is enough for a young puppy.

How To Cure Your Poodles If They Consume Excessive Plantains

If dogs eat too many plantains, it can be dangerous for them. In this situation, do not try to medicate your pups on your own. Keep them hydrated so they will remain in their senses. 

Eating to much plantains can be dangerous for dogs

Pat them, so they do not feel lonely in misery. Take them to the vet if the condition does not get better.

How Are Plantains Healthy For Your Pup?

Plantains do contain several benefits as well. A balanced amount of plantains in natural ways can be a healthy refreshment. Let’s see the benefits of plantains for your doggies.

  1. Plantains have fibers. These fibers help to maintain your pups’ digestion. Research shows that plantains can be anti-inflammatory. They have antimicrobial elements too.
  2. Plantains can act as good lubricants. They will help in preventing diarrhea and other digestive issues.
  3. In kennel cough also plantains can be useful. They will comfort your poodles in soar throat. They can cure bronchitis as well.
  4. Plantains are rich in potassium, which improves heart health.
  5. Full of carbohydrates and proteins, plantains can act as a healthy snack for your pooches.
  6. Plantains can defend against some disease-causing bacteria (pathogens). Most common among them are Bacillus subtilis and Staphylococcus aureus.
  7. Additionally, plantains have various other benefits. Your pups can have shiny, beautiful fur and a strong immune system.

How To Feed Plantains As A Snack

It would be best if you do not give plantains to your rovers as a complete meal. Give them in the form of snacks only.

Now, we will see which forms of plantains are suitable for dogs.

Keep Them Organic And Simple:

Feed plantains in natural ways. Do not add sugar or other ingredients. They might irritate dogs.

Feed them to dogs in natural waysf

You can mash fresh plantains and add them to your dogs’ diet. Some people mix them in rice as well. It can be a beneficial diet for your canine friends.

Fried Plantains Or Boiled Ones?

Fried plantains contain excessive fats. In contrast, your dog requires five percent of it only. Extra fats can cause heart and liver diseases. Thus, fried plantains are unhealthy for dogs.

Boiled plantains are better for good digestion. As they are mild and soothing, you can give them in a moderate quantity.

Fresh and organic plantains have all the nutrients. Do not include artificial seasonings. Indeed, simple plantains are better.

Are Plantains Chips Healthy?

Plantain chips are unhealthier. Five calories are present in one plantain chip, and dogs do not need such a high quantity of calories.

They can be harmful for your dogs

Besides it, commercial plantain chips have ingredients that are harmful to your pups. For example, Garlic and onion are toxic to dogs. 

Replace plantain chips with alternatives. If you worry about pups’ snacking, check the benefits of eggplant as well. For a detailed guideline, read the article: can dogs eat eggplant?

Concluding Opinions:

As a final thought, plantains are healthier for your dogs. But, feed them in fresh form. Fried plantains are toxic. Mashed and boiled ones are better. They help in the digestion process and can act as a healthy snack. 

So yes, dogs can eat plantains! follow the instructions and let your pups enjoy.

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