Can Dogs Eat Olives

Can Dogs Eat Olives? Why Are Olives Bad For Dogs?

Olive is a part of our nutritious diet. It will be hard for anyone to avoid spicy, juicy olives. But, what if dogs start wanting them with their big, appealing eyes? Can pet parents give olives to their doggies as well? Or, in other words: Can dogs eat olives?

Yes, your furry friend can eat olives but in moderation as giving it frequently can cause health problems.

In this article, we are going to find whether olives are acceptable for our poodles or not? Moreover, which kind of olives are best for our doggies. Furthermore, their pros and cons, their types and texture will also be our concerns.

Can Dogs Have Olives?

Yes, is the answer! You can feed your poodles with them. Yet, you have to keep in mind some conditions. As new foods are difficult to digest at first, they can cause reactions.

Can Dogs Have Olives?

So check a new thing by giving it in a small quantity to your pets. If it goes well, then continue, otherwise stop!

Which Kind of Olives Are Good For Dogs?

There are some requirements to fulfill before feeding olives to dogs. Only then they will provide benefits to your doggies:

  1. Rinse olives with hot water to eradicate the excessive amount of salt.
  2. Olives must be pit-free.
  3. They should be raw and organic.
  4. They should be fresh. Expired ones can form fungus, which can be highly toxic for dogs.

By considering these directions, you will be able to give healthy nibbles to your pups. Yippee!! Now we should analyze the usefulness of these juicy healthy gobbets.

4 Perks of Feeding Olives to Man’s Best Friend:

For humans, olives are health-giving in many ways. Let’s see how they are going to help your tyke as a titbit.

  1. Olives contain Vitamins (A, E, K) antioxidants. Proteins, Minerals, and healthy fats.
  2. Olives can improve a dog’s immune system and vision.
  3. They can reduce inflammation.
  4. Olives can give a silky coat and healthy skin to your rovers.

Whoopee! Your canine will love to munch such a healthy snack.

But wait!! Are there just advantages of olives or some cons too? Are they safe for your poodles, just like a dog eating grass has Pros as well as cons?

Let’s have a glance at the disadvantages as well.

Drawbacks of Offering Olives to Your Poodles:

Olives have some flaws that can create trouble for your dogs. Instead of olives, you can serve your dogs with almond milk or Basil as well. For olives, you need to be watchful of some precautions and follow them. Some significant disadvantages of olives as a diet for dogs are described below.

5 Major Risks of Giving Olives to Dogs:

You can let your dogs eat olives after following these instructions.

  1. A pit in olives tends to break your poodle’s tooth. It has toxins, and if swallowed, it can block windpipe or intestinal tracts.
  2. Mostly, humans marinate olives to cut their bitterness. But, olives soaked in seasonings and other solutions will be dangerous for the dogs.
  3. Olives are rich in sodium. Marinated in salty brine will increase sodium concentration even more. A high concentration of salt is damaging for your pup. So, give them only plain olives.
  4. Likewise, Alcohol is toxic to dogs. Olives immersed in it can cause severe problems for pups. Thus instead of giving canned olives, delight them with raw ones.
  5. Olives contain fats. A large number of olives can make your dogs obese. Moreover, high-fat diets can prevent dogs from digesting food efficiently.

Alas, these flaws of olives are problematic. They can create some serious issues for doggies. To please your canines’ taste buds, you can give them a small number of scallops also.

What Will Happen if Your Dogs Eat Olives in a Large Quantity?

Dog food is already balanced and wholesome. Consumption of olives in a large amount can be dreadful. You need to worry if your dog shows upcoming symptoms.

  • Eating olives in a large amount can lead your canines to emergencies. A high concentration of salt can even produce hypernatremia _salt poisoning.
  • It is alarming if your dog shows an increased thirst.
  • Other indicators may include lethargy and confusion.
  • A large number of olives can cause vomiting and diarrhea in your pups.
  • In severe cases, excessive intake of them can take your doggie to commas even.

Be aware of these symptoms. In case of emergencies, immediately carry your poodle to a veterinary doctor.

Even so, the essentials of olives are still there. You need to pay attention while feeding them to your canines.

Which Olives Your Dogs Can Have?

The next question that can arise in a dog keeper’s mind is: Black olives or green ones? Which is a healthier one? Come, let’s untangle this query together.

If we talk about black olives then Yes, black olives can be the healthiest snack your pooch ever has.


They are mostly pit-free. Additionally, black olives are healthier than green olives. They have less sodium deposition.

A small number of black olives can genuinely provide your doggie with excellent nourishment

A small number of black olives can genuinely provide your doggie with excellent nourishment. Whoa, what else a pet parent could need? Thus: Dogs can have black olives.

Now, what about green olives? Are they also suitable for your dogs? Let’s unfold its answer, as well.

Dogs can have green olives as well. Farmers harvest them earlier than black ones. However, green olives have no significant harm except having high sodium concentration.

But one or two of these dog-toffees can work well. For snacks, you can choose skittles too. However, be careful with the wrapper as they may choke on aluminum covering.

Olives or Olive Oil?

When it comes to health, it is hard to perceive more gainful: Olives or olive oil? Well, olive oil can do far better than olives.

olive oil can do far better for your dogs

Olive oil contains healthy fatty acids. But, it does not have a high concentration of sodium. Few drops of it in your poodle’s food will give many benefits.

7 Advantages of Olive Oil:

  1. Olive oil enhances joint health. It is a must for bone health, as well.
  2. This oil refines brain health.
  3. It smoothens a dog’s skin and fur.
  4. Olive oil boosts the immune system.
  5. This healthy element saves from heart diseases and cancers.
  6. It stops premature aging by preventing free radical cells.
  7. Olive oil helps in oxidation. Additionally, it raises energy levels.

Above all, mixing this greasy stuff with a dog’s dry food can make its food more enjoyable. One teaspoon of it in twenty pounds is a balanced proportion.

Specifically, extra virgin olive oil is finer. It comprises fewer acids and a fresher taste.


Concludingly, olives can act as a healthy diet for dogs. Though some drawbacks are there, still its advantages are more notable. Olive oil is even more beneficial for our furry companions.

By remembering these primary keys, indeed, we can provide this wholesome snack to our poodles. Remember: A balanced dog diet has 95% dog food and only 5% human food. So your dogs should eat olives in a moderate proportion. This crux will be crucial to your pup’s well-being.

Can dogs eat olives

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