Can Dogs Eat Pretzels

Can Dogs Eat Pretzels? Are They Really Bad For Dogs?

Pretzels, no doubt, is one of the guilty pleasure snacks to munch on. In the market, there are many types of pretzels, like soft, crunchy, and hard. Our loving pets have this adorable way to stare at your food unless you realize it. But the main question is, “can dogs eat pretzels“?

What if you left an open bag of pretzels and your dog has some of them? Is it healthy for a dog to have pretzels? The answer is NOIt is not a problem with pretzels, but the salt they have in them would create serious health issues.

Let’s tell you why.

Are Pretzels Good or Bad For The Dogs?

When we take pets to our house, we usually forget that most of the foods they can’t digest like us humans. The same is the case with whipped cream, dogs shouldn’t be fed with them on regular basis.

As for the dogs, they are not like us, especially their digestive system. They can’t have food items containing salt in them. 

Dogs can’t have pretzels because they contain salt in them. Especially hard and soft kind of pretzels is more prone to the dog’s health.

How Many Pretzels Can A Dog Have?

If we are talking about the hard and smaller size of them, then dogs can have pretzels not more than once a day.

dogs can have pretzels not more than once a day

But if you have a small breed of dog, then consider less number of pretzels than it is for normal dogs.

Can Dogs Have Pretzels With Salt?

Salt is famous as a flavor enhancer in food items, yet it is the main reason not to feed dogs pretzels.

Feeding pretzels to your dogs can cause them real trouble

It doesn’t matter how much your dog enjoys eating pretzels. But to not feed them is your responsibility; otherwise, it can cause them real trouble.

Research says a dog with 33 pounds weight can consume 100 mg of salt in a day, which shows that if your dog takes few bites of pretzels. It will be unnoticeable, but overeating can harm them.

Risks Of Feeding Pretzels To Dogs:

There are many risks if a dog eats pretzels. No matter if they are soft, hard, or baked, or have flavor coating on them.

These are snacks made for humans to enjoy. It’s the reason not to feed your dog pretzels.

More ingredients are used to make pretzels. Feeding them to the dogs can also be risky. The main reason that dog owners should avoid giving pretzels to dogs is salt.

Dogs have salt tolerance according to their breed, size, and amount of salt they consume.

Some dogs would not eat it and throw it because of the salty flavor. So somehow, they save themselves from any harm.

Eating a lot of salt makes the dog very thirsty for the whole day.

To balance the sodium water ratio in the bloodstream. Dogs release extra water from their system.

In this case, when your dog goes to the toilet many times, it can cause him dehydration.

Can Dogs Have Salted Pretzels?

No, dogs can’t eat salty pretzels. Other than pretzels, anything with salt is dangerous for your dogs. It can cause digestive problems at the start, but at its worst, it can be fatal.

Can Dogs Have Unsalted Pretzels?

What about pretzels without salt? Can your dog have it or not? The answer is No. Dogs can’t have unsalted pretzels either.

Dogs can't have unsalted pretzels either

They still carry high levels of carbs and sugar in them, which can lead to overweight. And can be the reason for many other health issues like diabetes and heart diseases.

Can Dogs Eat Pretzels With Peanut Butter Coating?

Peanut butter is not dangerous for your dog, but still, peanut butter pretzels are not healthy. 11 pieces of pretzels contain an amount of salt 3 times higher, which is unhealthy for a dog.

Can Dogs Have Hard Pretzels?

It is safe for them to have one or two bites if you feed them. Hard pretzels contain more salt than normal pretzels. It is good to keep the dogs away from hard pretzels.

Can Dogs Have Soft Pretzels?

Softs pretzels are like cornbread and giving one bite to your dog is fine. But don’t make it a daily habit to feed them pretzels.

Can Dogs Eat Yogurt Coated Pretzels?

It’s not only salt and carbs that are dangerous for dogs. Dairy and sugars are also dangerous for them.

Dogs Can't Eat Yogurt Coated Pretzels

All you can do is to keep away the sugary food away from your dog. Too much sugar consumption can cause obesity and diabetes in your dogs. Hence, food like sour cream, soda, or chips like Cheetos and cheez-its should be out of reach of dogs.

Can Dogs Have Sourdough Pretzels?

These pretzels are bigger than the size of the bite. They have twice the amount of salt as simple pretzels.

Try not to feed them to your dogs. They are unhealthier for them.

Can Dogs Have Pretzels Sticks?

Dogs should not have pretzels on a daily basis. Pretzels sticks have more salt in them. It’s good to keep them away from the dogs.

Can Dogs Have White Fudge Pretzels?

White fudge pretzels contain less sugar than yogurt pretzels. But they still have sugar in them.

Can Dogs White Fudge Pretzels

White fudge is made of palm oil, milk, and sugar. These ingredients are also not good for the dogs.

Can Dogs Eat Goldfish Pretzels?

These pretzels have less salt in them, but they are not safe to give to your pup.

They have flour, oil, and salt in them. These are not good for the dogs to have in high amounts.

Can Dogs Have Pretzels Bread?

Loaves of bread have carbs in them, so dogs should not eat them. High-carb food has bad effects on the dog’s health.

Can Dogs Eat Pretzels Bread

Too much sugar and carbs have dangerous effects on the blood glucose level. Which can cause a risk to heart health. It’s better not to give your dogs bread pretzels.

Can Dogs Have Mini Pretzels?

If you have control over feeding mini pretzels to your dog, it’s not a problem to eat one or two bites. Make it very rare to feed your pup with pretzels treat.

Can Dogs Have Honey Pretzels?

Honey itself is safe for dogs but due to sugar, keep them away from your dog. As sugar is bad for their health and causes obesity and diabetes.

Can Dogs Have Cinnamon Coated Pretzels?

Dogs cannot eat cinnamon coated pretzels because of the sugar.

Sugar causes a lot of health problems to dogs like diabetes and obesity problems. Keep your dog away from sweet sugary food.

Can Dogs Have Mustard Pretzels?

Mustard pretzels have too many spices on them. They are also bad for the health of your pup.

Can Dogs Eat Mustard Pretzels

Some of the pretzels also have salt, horseradish, and sugars added to them. Both are dangerous for the dog’s stomach.

Salt can cause dehydration, and sugar can cause diabetes and obesity.

Salt Poisoning After Having Pretzels

When a dog eats salted snack like pretzels, they will drink more water to compensate for the salt and water in the body.

If the dogs are big in size, one bite or two won’t affect them, but smaller breeds can be affected.

If the dog doesn’t drink enough water after a salted snack, it can cause neurological problems.

Signs & Symptoms:

  • Nausea
  • Seizures
  • Lack of energy
  • Lack of appetite
  • Stomach pain

What To Do When Your Dog Ate Pretzels?

Dogs could have pretzels from a bag left on the table, or any friend or relative could feed them. This is one of the reasons your dog would eat it without seeking any permission from you.

When you notice that your dog ate a lot of pretzels, give them water to avoid dehydration.

If your dog shows any sickness, go to a veteran

Notice for any symptoms of salt poisoning in your dog. If your dog shows any sickness, go to a veteran.

Other than stomach problems and issues, a dog can have a swollen tongue.

Besides this, nausea, dizziness, and disorientation can also appear as symptoms in dogs.

According to the symptoms, your veteran would do the complete checkup of your dog. If these symptoms stay for a while, your dog will also take time for recovery.

Your dog would be fine if he ate a few of the pretzels. But don’t let your dog make it a habit of stealing pretzels from the bag.


In general, pretzels don’t have any beneficial or dangerous effect on the dogs if you’re feeding them small amounts, then no need to worry.

If a snack is good for the dogs, it doesn’t mean that they should consume it. It’s all about the flavorings that pretzels have on them. They can harm your dog.

Flavorings like garlic and onion powder can be toxic to cause severe health issues.

Due to this reason, veterans and doctors restrict the use of pretzels as food for the dogs. If your dog somehow takes one bite or half, it won’t affect him or her.

It won’t be a problem for the dogs to have them unless it’s for a longer period of time.

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