Can Dogs Eat Cereal

Can Dogs Eat Cereal? Is Cereal Healthy for Dogs?

You want your dog to accompany you in breakfast with cereal, and you thought can dogs eat cereal? Yes, dogs can eat cereals, but they are not considered a healthy treat.  Cereals are purely human food and can be unsafe for dogs.

Although dogs can eat cereals, still avoid giving cereals to your dog daily as they can be toxic. There are many types of cereals that contain unhealthy ingredients for your dog, try to give only those cereals that are safe for your dog.

In this article, we will tell you about different types of cereals, what type is safe for your dog, and other benefits and information about dogs eating cereals.

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3 Type of Cereals That Are Safe for Dogs

Dogs can eat cereals but they should be in limited amounts because of the high quantity of sugar and artificial flavors. However, there are types of cereals that are safe for dogs. below we have given the types of cereals that your dog can eat and stay healthy.

1) Cheerios Cereal:

Cheerios are a good option for your dog if he is craving cereal. It contains approximately zero amount of sugar and fewer calories. Cheerios can be a good treat for your four-legged friend, but don’t give it on regular basis.

Although cheerios are a good option they offer no vitamin or nutrition to your dog. Making it a part of the daily menu might make your dog sick.

2) Chex Cereal:

Chex is a crunchy and delicious type of cereal that dogs love to eat. They came up with a variety of flavors but you should always go for plain Chex, rice Chex, and corn Chex as they include no artificial flavors.

Some dogs found difficulty in digesting rice-based food and get allergic to rice. If your dog has a sensitive stomach, don’t give him rice Chex cereal.

3) Cornflakes Cereal:

You can say that cornflakes cereal is the best type of cereal that you can give to your dog. Cornflakes cereal contains no harm to your dog’s health, but they provide zero nutritional value so avoid giving it on daily basis.

Moreover, if your dog can’t digest corns or is allergic to corns, then he will also get allergies to cornflakes cereal. In such a case, avoid giving your dog cornflakes or try giving a small amount, if he didn’t show any reaction, you can give him more.

3 Type of Cereals That Are Toxic for Dogs

There are few types of cereals that contain a high amount of sugar and can be toxic for your dog.  High consumption of sugar can cause gastric and stomach issues in your dog. Don’t try to give your dog cereals that contain chocolates, grapes, and raisins because they can be harmful to your dog.

Below are the given types of cereals that are dangerous or toxic for your doggie’s health.

1) Fruit Loops Cereals:

Fruit loops cereal contains a large amount of sugar, flour, processed oil, and artificial flavor colors. This cereal is super toxic for your dog as well as humans.

Sugar, food colors, and preservatives available in fruit loop cereal can cause diabetes, blood clotting, and digestion issues in your dog.

2) Fruity Pebbles Cereal:

Fruity pebbles cereals are not as toxic as fruit loop cereal. However, it is better to avoid them as they can lead to stomach issues and hyperactivity issues in your dog.

Can Dogs Eat Cereal

It also contains flavors and dye colors in the making process which can be problematic for your dog in the future.

3) Reese’s Puffs Cereal:

Reese’s puffs cereals are a big no for dogs. They contain chocolatey flavors and chocolate can cause disaster in a dog’s body system. It’s okay to give a little amount of Reese’s puffs cereal but keep observing the behavior of your pooch.

Can Dogs Eat Cereal? How to Serve Cereal to Dogs?

When giving cereal to your dog, prefer sugar-free and fewer calorie cereals. you should give your dog small pieces of cereal so he can digest them easily. Humans eat cereal with milk, but for dogs, avoid giving them milk.

According to the American Kennel Club, dogs cannot tolerate milk and other dairy products. They might get digestive problems if consume cereal with milk. So, better avoid milky cereals to your doggie.

Can Dogs Eat Cereal? Nutritional Value of Cereal

Talking about nutritions cereals don’t offer nutrition much. Cereals belong to junk family, so it doesn’t contain much nutrition and health benefits.  However, a few brands are offering nutritional cereals; you can consider them for your dog.

Can Dogs Eat Cereal

Nutritional cereals can keep your dog’s blood circulation system strong, balanced digestive system, and provide enough dietary fibers.

Can Dogs Eat Cereal? All in One Summary:

The ending point of view for “can dogs eat cereal?” is yes, dogs can eat cereal. But they should be of a specific amount and brands have less sugar and more benefits.

Avoid cereal with high sugar and artificial flavors. You can give it in less moderate amounts but if consumed in large amounts, take your dog to the vet for professional advice.

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