6 Things to Know About Boston Terrier Shedding

As the name suggests, these small-sized dogs originated from Boston in the U.S.

They are often described as friendly, lively companions. But, what about Boston terrier shedding? It might come off as a problem if you suffer from an allergy.

Like every other dog, Bostons shed too, but not a lot. Their short smooth coat sheds all year round but in minimal quantity. This makes it a perfect option for people who suffer from fur allergies.

If you are planning to adopt a Boston Terrier or already have one, then this article is for you. From discussing the shedding pattern to ways to control it, you’ll find everything.

How Much Does A Boston Terrier Shed?

Boston Terriers are low shedding as dogs, like the Havanese. Unlike Pug or French Bulldogs, they don’t shed a lot. You can compare its shedding to a Shih Tzu or Shiba Inu.

Having a small dog isn’t much of a hassle when it comes to shedding. As they are small dogs, there’s not so much hair they can drop.

And when the fur falls off, you’ll hardly notice any hair on the furniture due to its short coat.

Don’t get so comfortable. The shedding remains moderate all year round, it increases once or twice per year. The seasonal shedding occurs in late spring to early summer or late fall to early winter.

Here is the catch! The shedding isn’t very extreme with these breeds. If we compare a Boston with a large dog with a thick double coat, it is quite minimal.

It is a natural process that occurs in almost every fur-bearing animal. Dogs go through it as they have to get rid of old fur and make way for the new batch.

The shedding pattern varies in every breed. Plus, every dog has a different growth cycle. So, if your Boston Terrier doesn’t shed a lot in any of the seasonal changes, it’s okay!

The growth phase is the anagen while the fall-out phase is the telogen. The shift from one phase to another is something that fluctuates from dog to dog.

All in all, shedding is usual and most of the time, there is nothing alarming about it. Even healthy dogs can shed heavily depending on the breed and factors like the time of year.

1) Are Boston Terriers Hypoallergenic?

First of all, we should know the meaning of “hypoallergenic”.

If a dog causes moderate allergic reactions, they are hypoallergenic. But, that doesn’t mean hypoallergenic dogs can’t cause problems for allergy sufferers. In most cases, pet-fur isn’t the only cause of allergies.

Just like Poms, Boston Terriers are not hypoallergenic as well.

You won’t find any breed that is 100% hypoallergenic. If the breeder insists that they are, you should double-check it. As there is no guarantee even if a hairless dog can’t cause allergies.

We mentioned above that only fur isn’t the problem. Saliva, urine, and dander are also common causes for people who suffer from allergies.

The dead skin flakes stick to the dog’s fur. When they undergo molting, the dander spreads more around the home. Therefore, if you are highly sensitive to dog fur, then Boston is a good choice than a heavy shedding breed.

People who experience fur allergies can face breathing issues or even skin rashes. So, it’s better to consult a vet before keeping a Boston Terrier.

Ways to Keep Boston Terrier Shedding In Control

There is no way you can stop shedding. Like any dog, they will shed their fur all year round with different frequencies.

But, you can manage your Boston Terrier with shedding. In this way, your floor and couch won’t have hair all over them! Remember the following three points.

1) Healthy Food:

Like human body needs a healthy diet from healthy skin, same is with dogs. Protein, fat-fibers are essential in a dog’s diet. However, don’t confuse it with regular fat.

Plus omega-3 or omega-6 fatty acids are extremely important as well. The fatty acids are responsible for keeping their coat healthy. If the coat is healthy the less likely the fur is to die and fall off.

Not only food, but fluids are very important too. Provide them with lots of clean drinking water. Not only it benefits the coat but is vital for regular health too.

You can increase the proteins and fats in their diet during the heavier shedding months. But don’t skip adding the nutrients and supplements to their food every day.

2) Regular Grooming:

We know, Boston terriers are the hardest to deal with when it comes to grooming. You have to show a little patience if you want their shedding in control.

Grooming them on a regular basis will ensure that their coat is healthy. Plus, it is a great way to bond with your doggo. Brushing twice a week will keep Boston terrier shedding in control. It’s even better if you brush them every day.

You need to show vigilance while brushing. As there are chances to spot fleas, ticks, or other parasites.

Along with that, there might be some open wounds or blisters. Since dogs love to spend time outside, anything can lead to irritation and scratching.

Bathing is another grooming tip, which you should do to your terrier once a month. It’s no harm in bathing them frequently. Some Boston terriers love the bath, but once a month is a bare minimum.

Dogs can easily catch fleas, ticks, or sores. If anything happens, giving them a bath is helpful to lessen the urge to itch.

For such problems, a medicated dog shampoo works wonders. If your Boston Terrier doesn’t have any of these problems, you can wash them off with a standard dog shampoo.

3) Reduced Stress:

Stress plays a major fact in a dog’s behavior and health. Like all other dog’s a Boston terrier’s shedding is commonly linked to excess stress.

 Just like humans pulling our hair when angry or stressed. Dogs will shed their coat if feeling the same emotions.

A Boston Terrier has a sensitive nature; these small dogs get stressed over small things. A change in diet, change of owner, loss or addition of another pet, a new person in the house, etc.

Even though they have a lively nature, all it takes is a minor inconvenience to become stressed. Ensure to strengthen the bond with your pooch and give them plenty of toys to play with.

Show them affection and spend time with them. This will help them divert from stressful matters.

Boston Terrier Shedding

Physical activity is also a great way to deal with stress. Take your terrier out for a walk or play fetch is also an added bonus.

How to Reduce Excessive Boston Terrier Shedding?

It’s quite visible if your Boston Terrier is shedding excessively. The bald spots start to show up. If this occurs, contact your veterinarian right away.

Boston Terrier Shedding

There are many medical reasons behind excess shedding. They include; possible skin cancer, parasites even genetic defects. Before any diagnosis, your vet will run some tests to find the cause.

There is no magic potion that will help reduce excess deeding immediately. Once, you’ve found the cause, treating it will reduce the amount of fur your Boston Terrier. Bathing brushing and trimming the hair are easy ways to keep it in good condition.

A five-minute brush, every other day is the easiest method. With the help of a soft bristle brush, you can keep your house fur-free.

Boston Terrier Shedding – Final Thoughts:

We come to an end with all this information regarding Boston terrier shedding. You can get rid of the fur, but there are ways to manage their coat. By following these, you already made efforts in keeping your dog happy and healthy.

Boston terriers are hypoallergenic. They are perfect pets for people with mild allergies, along with charming personalities.

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