Shave Their Dog’s Feet

Why Do People Shave Their Dog’s Feet? Isn’t it?

If you are a new pet parent, it’s an obvious thought why do people shave their dog’s feet? Isn’t it? Whenever we see a well-groomed dog, we praise its owner.

Grooming is the most important thing you should do for your pet. Nobody likes ungroomed, messy, or dirty dogs. But why do you really need to shave your dog’s feet? Let’s talk about it in this article!

6 Reasons Why Do People Shave Their Dog’s Feet!

The hair on a dog’s feet or between a dog’s pads should be trimmed if they get very long. Well, most breeds with short hair and coats do not usually require a trim between their toes.

However, you need to trim the hair on your dog’s feet if they get long enough to cover its pads.

Here are 6 reasons why do people shave their dog’s feet and why is it important for your canine fellow?

1.To Avoid Scrap Build-Up:

People shave their dog’s paws because long hair can easily get matted and catches dirt. Mat causes discomfort and pain as it pulls the skin. A dog might also feel difficulty in moving.

Moreover, there is a risk of sharp things getting caught from the scrap. Things like pins, rocks, glass, or mud can cause serious paw injuries. So, it is best to keep your dog’s feet shaved if the hair gets too long.

2.To Prevent Slip Injuries:

This might be surprising for you but yes, a lot of hair growth on a dog’s paws can cause slip injuries.

If the pads on your dog’s feet are covered with hair, your doggy can slip while running on the floor especially on marble tiles. Your dog might also experience stability issues even while walking.

3.To Prevent Snow Accumulation:

In cold regions or during winter, snow gets accumulated between the toes of dogs. Long hair breeds are more likely to have ice balls in their paws.

Snow also promotes matting. Moreover, if you take out your dog for a walk in snow or rain, it is relatively easy to dry shaved paws as compared to untrimmed paws.

4.To Reduce the Risks of Infections:

Dogs are more likely to get yeast infections in their paws. If you are wondering why it’s because canines mostly keep their paws fold which makes them humid. And we know humidity is a favorable condition for yeast to grow faster.

If this folded skin and long hair growth get together, there will be a friendly room for yeast infections. Trimming your dog’s paws will reduce the risk of infections to a larger extent.

Also, shaved paws are easy to look for any kind of wound and treatment. It also encourages fast healing.

5.To Maintain Cleanliness of Home:

Untrimmed paws bring a lot of mess home. Who wants to see dirt and mud everywhere in their home? No one!

So, people shave their dog’s feet to maintain a clean environment. As trimmed paws won’t bring unwanted outside scrap inside the house.

Additionally, most dogs lick their paws. So, trimming your dog’s paws is also good from a hygiene point of view.

6.To Keep Up the Aesthetics:

Oh! Your dog is so well-groomed! Who doesn’t like such compliments and praise? Grooming your pet is overall considered very important. But trimmed paws especially maintain the foot type of your furry fellow.

6 Tips for Shaving Your Dog’s Feet Right!

Now you know why do people shave their dog’s feet and how important is trimming? You might also be wondering how to trim the hair on the paws of your dog properly. So, here are 6 pro tips to help you out!

First of all, you should brush your dog once a week and never neglect its feet. If the hairs are above pads and grown longer, it’s the right time to trim.

1.Use the Right Tools:

It can be very difficult to trim the hair between the pads due to tiny and tight spaces. You need to be extra cautious while doing trimming so that you don’t accidentally hurt your fur baby.

To do trimming on such sensitive areas, a small pair of pet clippers or scissors are advised to keep your dog safe.

2.Comb Before Cutting:

Combing is a must before you exercise trimming on your dog’s feet. Combing will help loosen the dead hair or mats, and also make the trimming easy and quick.

3.Start With Rare Foot:

Why? To see how your dog reacts if you are trimming its paws for the very first time. You can get better control of rare feet comparatively and can handle them safely.

You have to train your dog to make him lie down still while grooming sessions. You can keep your dog’s mind distracted by offering breaks in between the process.

4.Hold the tool Properly:

Whatever tool you use, you should always be very careful while holding it. Never keep the pointing end of your scissors towards your dog’s paws. Always hold the clippers parallel to the feet and trim the hair in slow movements.

Keep your hand in a comfortable position where you can have a firm grip on the clipper as well as your dog’s feet.

5.Use the Right Tool Motions:

While trimming the hair, be gentle on your dog’s feet. Use scooping motions and don’t put extra pressure so that the skin doesn’t get hurt.

6.Trim After Bath:

You can also trim before bathing but trimming your dog after the bath has several pros.

The process of trimming after bath is clean and efficient as there will be no mud or dead hair. Also, it increases the life of your blades and clippers.

Final Thoughts:

So, there are several good reasons why do people shave their dog’s feet. The most important of them are the dog’s hygiene, safety, and health. Dog breeds with long hair need grooming the most.

You should always keep a check on your dog’s feet to see if the hairs between the pads are long enough to cover the pads or not. If yes, you must trim the hair to prevent infections and injuries.

While you do the trimming, be very careful. Handle the tools properly and use the right way of trimming. Grooming your dog must be fun!

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