Why Poodles Are the Worst

Why Poodles Are the Worst? Everything You Should Know!

The Poodles have existed since the 15th century. It appears to have originated in Germany, but it quickly gained popularity in France and Spain before making its way to England.

While they are no longer widely known for hunting, Standard Poodles are still used as working dogs by hunters all over the world. Poodles are known as “Caniche” in France. They are the national dog of France, even though they originated in Germany.

Poodles have also been used as guide dogs, military dogs, guard dogs, circus performers, and entertainer wagon pullers. Poodles are misunderstood by the general public. Some people believe they are sissy dogs who would not be a good fit for a family.

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7 Reasons Why Poodles Are the Worst Dogs

So, why are poodles the worst? People believe that they are the worst dog breed because they are extremely sensitive and become easily sick and stressed, especially if their owner does not provide them with adequate attention.

They are prone to separation anxiety, and because they are extremely intelligent, they can be extremely destructive if left alone.

That is why, if you are leaving the house for an extended period, you should leave the TV or radio on.

Here are some of the reasons why people believe poodles are the worst dog breeds to own.

1. Poodles Are Aggressive:

Some people believe that these dogs are aggressive dogs. One thing is certain, they are excellent watchdogs, and some even have a mild protective instinct, but they are not aggressive to people. Their attitude toward people ranges from friendly to curious.

2. Poodles are Yappy Dogs: 

We believe that these dogs are just loud dogs. Though you may be wondering what is causing your poodles to bark at times, you can bet there is something that is causing a yappy poodle. The good news is that poodles are extremely intelligent, and as a result, even a yappy poodle can be easily trained.

3. They Are Very Dangerous:

There are even some people who believe poodles are dangerous, which we find ridiculous. Poodles are known for being loving, playful, caring, and easy to be around.

Poodles crave attention, and they may develop bad habits such as nuisance barking if they are ignored or left alone.

As you can see, poodles are not dangerous. The only thing we’ve noticed is that smaller poodles can be aggressive to people who aren’t part of their families or dogs who are strangers.

4. Poodles tend to Bite:

Being bitten by a poodle is quite common, especially when they are puppies. At this point, your dog may be teething and looking for something to chew on to soothe their sore gums. This is uncommon, but your poodle may be biting out of aggression, or they may simply be trying to get your attention.

5. These Dogs Are Mean: 

Poodles are only mean because of training, and they will stay that way if they realize that displaying aggression gets them what they want. Aside from that, they inherited this trait from their parents. This is why it is critical to select a reputable breeder who grows that around people.

6. They Are Capable of Killing: 

I have never heard of poodles killing humans, but I am sure it’s possible. Without a doubt, pit bulls kill more people than any other dog breed. Pit bulls and mixed-breed dogs are said to have the highest risk of biting, as well as the highest average damage per bite.

7. They Love to Chew on Things: 

It is safe to say that when they are puppies, they chew on a lot of things because their instinct at that age is to chew on everything in their path. This is regarded as a critical stage because it is the stage of learning.


Most people consider poodles to be one of the most intelligent dog breeds with a distinctive haircut. They are frequently portrayed as loving, caring dogs who can do no wrong. That is not the case for everyone.

While they are intelligent, they can also be temperamental and aggressive, which is why some people believe they are the worst dog breeds. The thing is, with proper training and attention, especially at a young age, these behaviors can be easily reversed over time and you can keep your poodle from becoming worse.

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