Dogs Keep Swallowing

Dogs Keep Swallowing- What Could Be The Possible Reasons?

Have you ever thought about why dogs keep swallowing all the time? Normally, dogs are habitual of licking and swallowing. Dogs lick or swallow to groom themselves. But if your dog is swallowing all the time, he might have stuck something in his throat or mouth.

Dogs licking and swallowing can be due to some medical issue, or behavioral problem. Dogs have their ways of communication and it’s up to you how you understand your dog. If you see your dog swallowing and licking, again and again, you need to check why he is doing so.

Dogs also swallow or lick when they feel depressed, anxious, and stressed. If you are a new parent to a dog, and you are getting worried that your dog keeps swallowing all the time. There could be various reasons for it or he might be going through something.

Dogs Keeps Swallowing? 5 Major Reasons for Swallowing

Dogs lick or swallow when their mouth or lips goes dry. They might do this to show love and affection towards their owner. But there are many other reasons if dogs keep swallowing. If your dog keeps swallowing and avoiding eye contact with you. It means they are having health issues.

Dogs licking and swallowing can be the way of your dog’s communication tool. There is a medical problem or behavioral issue associated with dogs licking and swallowing.

Below we have given various reasons about why dogs keep swallowing, it will help you to know your dog more.

1) Foreign Body:

If your dog shakes his head, and sneeze while swallowing, there might be something stuck in his mouth. The most common items to get stuck in a dog’s mouth are bone pieces, broken toys, and sticks.

If your dog has stuck something in his mouth, you need to remove that immediately. Otherwise, it can also damage your dog’s lungs and internal organs.

2) Dental Issue:

Dental issues can also lead to swallowing and licking in dogs. The symptoms of dental diseases are tumor, plaque, or inflammation in the gums. The obscene smell coming from your dog’s mouth can be a major symptom that your dog is having a dental issue.

Dogs tend to behave aggressively when suffering through something. The dental issue can also be caused by eating poisonous or harmful objects. You need to consult the vet if your dog keeps swallowing and behaves unusually.

If you want to know what foods are safe for your dog to eat? You can read about eating pickles, cabbage, cilantro, and scallops.

3) Nausea:

One of the most common causes of swallowing and licking is nausea. Dogs tend to swallow more when they are about to vomit. Dogs feel nausea due to stomach acidity which can also damage their throat and mouth.

Excessive swallowing can help your dog to remove all the saliva that is causing nausea in him. So, whenever you see your dog swallowing, he might be trying to cope with the feeling of nausea.

4) Esophagitis and Acid Reflux:

Dogs are more likely to lick and swallow when they are suffering from esophagitis caused by acid reflux. Common symptoms of esophagitis include neck pain, excessive swallowing, and vomits.

If your dog is suffering from esophagitis, try giving him a liquid diet containing low fats and proteins. If the situation remains the same for 24 hours, take your dog to the vet.

5) Behavioral Issue:

Dogs keep swallowing when frustrated or uncomfortable. Dogs communicate through their body and gestures. When dogs feel frightened or terrified, they avoid making direct eye contact. Dogs also swallow or lick more, if they are not given proper training.

Dogs Keep Swallowing

Another reason for licking and swallowing is dry mouth. If something is stuck near the dog’s lips or mouth, they try to remove it from licking and swallowing.

6) Dehydration:

Dogs can also swallow or lick due to dehydration. Dogs need more water consumption in hot weather. Dehydration can also lead to kidney or liver diseases in dogs.

Common symptoms of dehydration in dogs include:

  • Sticky gums.
  • More saliva production.
  • Skin tightening.
  • Excessive lip licking and swallowing.
  • Depressive and dull eyes.

What to Do If Dogs Keeps Swallowing?

You should pay close attention to your dog if he keeps swallowing and licking. Dogs usually swallow or licks out of the habit. Besides swallowing, if your dog is acting aggressive, there can be some serious issues.

Below we have written down some tips that you can execute on your dog if he keeps swallowing:

1) Check Your Dog’s Behavior:

First things first, you need to assess your dog’s behavior. Is your dog aggressive? Frightened? Un-comfortable? Try to know the basic reason why your dog keeps swallowing. If your dog feels nervous and starts licking around some specific person. Remove that person from your dog’s life.

Dogs Keep Swallowing

It is a good recommendation to play with your dog, buy him toys, or take him on walks. This will help him feel better and comfortable, and he will stop swallowing.

2) Check for Medical Problem:

If your dog keeps swallowing and licking all the time, try to determine the possible reason. If he is behaving normally and everything is doing well, then go for a medical check-up.

Sometimes you are not sure what your pet is going through. So, don’t delay the vet consultation because that can be life-risking for your dog. Professional will test your dog’s lips and complete oral examinations.

Dogs Keep Swallowing- Conclusion:

When you own a dog, it’s your responsibility to take proper care of them and keep them healthy. You should get concerned if your dog keeps swallows or licking for no reason. Dogs can also tend to swallow or lick more if they lack affection or love.

If your dog is licking and swallowing excessively, try to determine the reason. If you can’t figure out why your dog keeps swallowing, then take him to the vet.

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