Dog’s Breath Smells Like Death

7 Reasons Why Your Dog’s Breath Smells Like Death- How to Fix It

Do you love playing and cuddling with your dog? If yes, that means you spend some joyful moments of your day with your furry friend. Sometimes, while playing with them, you smell something gross. That’s a dog’s breath.

Are you wondering why your dog’s breath smells like death?

Well, there are different reasons for it. Your dog might be visiting a trash can too often or he might eat a cat’s poop. Keep in mind that some causes are harmless while other causes for chronic bad breath can be seriously alarming.

Keep reading if you want to know the reasons why your dog’s breath smells like death. We will discuss the importance of a dog’s oral hygiene for good breath and also how you can fix that awful dog breath.

Dog Breath Smells Like Death? Common Causes of Terrible Dog Breath

Bad breath is a common condition among dogs. We love to hold our dogs in our hands and cuddle. But some parents avoid getting closer to their dog because of the dreadful breath smell.

Let’s talk about some common reasons that cause your dog’s breath to smell like death!

1) Dental Condition:

Plaque can be a reason for bad breath. In this condition, bacteria build up on your pet’s teeth.

As we know that a healthy dog’s mouth has some kind of bacteria in it, that bacteria is good bacteria. It’s the bad bacteria that make your dog smell like he is rotting.

Gum diseases also known as periodontal diseases are most likely to occur if plaque is not treated. Gum diseases are characterized by inflammation of gums.

Dogs experience bleeding gums in gum disease or gingivitis. The worst effects of such oral diseases are tooth loss, pain, and tooth decay.

Seek oral professional help to treat these dental conditions. Gum diseases if prolonged can cause serious problems so keep checking on your dog.

The American Veterinary Medical Association estimates that approximately 80% of dogs develop gum diseases by age three. That means a lot of foul smell!

2) Respiratory Tract Diseases- Sign of Your Dog’s Breath Smells Like Death:

Respiratory tract diseases like nasal infections, sinusitis, and nasal tumors could be a dangerous cause of why your dog’s breath smells like death.

This happens when pus develops in your pet’s nose, which later forms in the throat.

The reason why pus smell bad is because it is made of blood, dead white blood cells, and debris.

Respiratory tract infection can be dealt with, by giving the appropriate antibiotic to your pet. In this case, take medical advice. While in worst cases, surgery is required if a tumor is formed.

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3) Unbalanced Diet:

An unchecked and unbalanced diet is one of the biggest reasons for unpleasant dog smell. Dog food rich in sugars or carbohydrates often gets stuck in the teeth. It causes bad breath and tooth weakening.

It is advisable to give food to your pet that is free of additives and grains. Thus, a balanced diet will keep the rotten breath away. So that you and your doggie could play together without any hesitation.

4) Excessive Bad Gut Microbiome:

In healthy dogs, oral and gut microbiomes maintain a healthy balance. Oral and gut health are connected. When bad microbiomes in the gut grow excessively, the small intestine produce an abundance of stinking gas.

Dog’s Breath Smells Like Death

The bloodstream of a dog can absorb this gas and cause bad breath when a dog exhales. So, gut and oral health are equally important for fresh breath.

5) Diabetes:

The building up of ketones due to diabetes can cause your dog to smell fruity or gross like a polish remover.

Moreover, diabetes in dogs causes higher levels of sugar in the blood. Bad bacteria love to feed on the sweet sugary saliva, thanks to diabetes!

6) Kidney diseases:

Does your dog smell like death or fishy?

The kidney is considered a vital organ for filtering the body toxins in both humans and dogs. Kidney problems in dogs cause an increased level of urea. This leads to a fishy dog smell.

You can read a complete guide if your dog smells like fish.

7) Liver Diseases:

Liver diseases cause the release of stinky compounds like thiols into the lungs. This is because your dog’s liver no longer functions properly in filtering the body toxins. This is the reason why your dog’s breath smells like death.

Dog’s Breath Smells Like Death- How to Fix It?

We absolutely don’t want bad breath to come between us and our dogs. To keep your dog healthy and good smelling, you can take the following hygiene measures;

1) Oral Hygiene:

For the sake of oral hygiene and healthy teeth, go for professional teeth cleaning of your dog. This can be either done once a year or twice.

2) Home Brushing:

You can go for Do-it-yourself brushing at home. Make sure to use a dog-friendly toothbrush and toothpaste. Do it regularly for a pleasant-smelling dog.

3) Healthy And Balanced Diet:

A balanced diet is a game-changer when it comes to breath odor. It is advisable to add crunchy food like sweet potatoes(raw), carrots, and seed-less apples.

Crunchy food keeps the teeth clean. Avoid carbohydrates or sugar-enriched food.

4) Chewing:

Chewy toys and bones of raw meat prevent plaque formation. So, keep your furballs busy in chewing.

5) Professional Help:

Seek professional vet advice for chronic bad breath. This is because bad breath and harmful diseases can have a connection.

6) Instant Fixes:

Here are a few quick fixes for a nice smelling furry buddy!

  • Mouthwash for dogs is a quick way to fix if your dog’s breath smells like death.
  • Halitosis can be cleaned with charcoal cookies.
  • Up for a minty dog breath? Sprinkle fresh mint leaves or parsley on your doggie’s food.

Types of Dogs That Need Dental Care the Most

  1. Tiny furballs aka puppies should be trained to do teeth brushing at home. This should be made a regular habit for long-term wellbeing.
  2. Dog breeds like small or flat-faced dogs need dental care. Dogs with smaller mouths like Boxers, Boston terriers, and Pugs need dental care the most.
  3. Older dogs with no prior cleaning records also need dental care.

Dog’s Breath Smells Like Death-Conclusion:

So now you know why your dog’s breath smells like death. If a bad-smelling dog makes you feel sick, go for a healthier lifestyle and oral hygiene practices. If these steps don’t work, consult a veterinarian.

The vet would tell you whether the bad breath is due to a lack of oral hygiene or any harmful disease. Bad breath is not always due to the teeth, so it is better to seek professional advice on time.

Spending moments with your dog is fun and exciting, never let the bad breath come in your way!

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