What are Poodle's favorite games

What Are Poodle’s Favorite Games?

Poodles are one of the most popular dog breeds in the United States. They are intelligent and full of energy, which makes them a favorite for families with children.

Poodles can be very playful dogs that love to play games with their owners! In this article, we will explore some of the games that poodles enjoy playing and how you can get started on teaching your pup new tricks!

1. Poodles love to play fetch:

Poodles are smart and love to be active. They are also very affectionate, which makes them great for people! Poodles are known for their patience with younger children.

If you want to play fetch with your poodle, you must first teach them how to bring the ball or toy back. Just like any other dog, poodles need to know that bringing a toy back does not mean it is time to play with the human. Instead, they will learn that bringing a toy back means they can drop it and then get another one.

Teach your poodle the “leave-it” command by holding a treat above their head and saying “leave-it”. When your poodle releases the toy, reward them with praise and a treat.

Once they learn this command, you can teach them to drop it on your hand. This time, when they drop the toy on your hand say “good” and replace them with another one. Rotate between dropping the toy on the floor and having them bring it to your hand before saying “good”.

This will also allow your poodle to learn that you are not trying to take the toy but instead, they are bringing it back when they drop it. If you do not want them to bring the item back when they drop it, teach them the command “drop” when you want them to release an item.

Eventually, your poodle will learn that when they bring the toy back, it means playtime with you!

2. Poodles enjoy agility training:

If you have a yard or live in a place where you can safely let your dog run around off-leash, then try some basic agility training! It is a great way to keep your poodle active and engaged.

Poodles love to be challenged, which is why they make great competitors in agility training and flyball events! This sport requires a lot of fast thinking and it can even teach you how to better communicate with your poodle.

You can also try training them on some basic obedience-style tricks, such as “spin”, “shake”, and “beg”. Just remember to keep it fun! You don’t want to overwhelm your poodle by teaching them too many tricks at once.

3. Poodles enjoy playing hide-and-seek:

Poodles are a highly intelligent breed of dogs that love being active and having fun! Most poodles enjoy playing hide-and-seek, which can be a great game for you to play with your dog.

Poodles are capable of learning how to wait patiently until you come back to find them. You can teach this trick by taking their favorite toy or treat and placing it behind your back while saying a phrase such as “where is it?” When they find the item, reward them with praise and a treat.

Poodles have a habit of being mischievous when you are not looking, so this trick can help to keep your favorite shoes or slippers hidden from pawing!

4. Poodles love learning tricks:

Poodles are very intelligent dogs, which makes them great for learning tricks! Teaching your poodle new tricks is a great way to keep their minds sharp while having fun. Poodles love to show off when they know they have done something right, so this game is perfect for both of you.

You can start by teaching your poodle the basics such as coming when called, sitting, and shaking a paw. Once they master those tricks, you can move on to more advanced moves such as “beg”, “give kisses”, or even “back-flip”!

Remember to keep it fun! Be sure to praise your dog when they do something correctly and avoid scolding them if they make a mistake. Poodles are sensitive to criticism, so it is important to encourage them when they get things right.

5. Poodles enjoy playing with other dogs:

Poodles are very social animals that love to interact with other dogs! Because of their friendly nature, poodles tend to get along with almost all other breeds.

Poodles are great dogs for going to the dog park, meeting new friends at doggy daycare, or even just hanging out with a friend’s dog that is over for playtime!

Just be sure that your poodle is supervised by an adult whenever they are playing with a different dog, as some dogs can be more aggressive or dominant than others.

Finding another dog that has similar energy levels to your poodle can also help to ensure playtime stays fun and friendly!

6. Poodles enjoy chasing their humans:

Poodles are very people-oriented dogs, which makes them wonderful for active families! They love the attention and will often find ways to get your attention on command.

One of the easiest ways for a poodle to get you to play is by chasing after you! Poodles are very fast runners, just like their cousins the schnauzers. You can practice this trick with your poodle by having them sit across from you and then giving them the cue to “chase”.

When they get close to you, stop moving and pet them. Praise them for a job well done!

This trick can be great because it is an exercise for both you and your poodle. Just make sure that when practicing this game with your poodle, you don’t let them catch you! Save that trick for a real-life chase if your poodle manages to catch you.

7. Poodles enjoy going on walks:

Poodles are excellent dogs for going on long walks or jogs with their owners! Because of the shape of their body, it is harder for them to build up a lot of speed and become tired.

If you enjoy going on long walks or jogs, your poodle is perfect for joining you! Just remember to bring along their leash and a bag for their poop. Poodles are known to be “clean” dogs that do not like getting dirty.

Poodles can also help with your fitness routine by accompanying you on jogs every once in a while. Just remember to give them water and snacks throughout the day so they stay healthy too!

8. Poodles are very gentle dogs:

Poodles are some of the gentlest breeds out there, which makes them perfect for families with small children! They are known to be more tolerant of children than other breeds, which is why they are such wonderful family dogs.

Poodles love to play and cuddle with children just as much as they enjoy playing fetch or tug-of-war with the adults in the house. They also love spending time outdoors hiking and swimming alongside both children and adults alike.

Just remember that poodles are sensitive dogs, so you should never leave them alone with a child. Poodles can become anxious and easily uncomfortable if the child becomes too rowdy or loud.

Poodles will dutifully protect their family against any threats, though! They just need to be able to feel comfortable before they react.


It’s no secret that poodles are some of the most intelligent dogs. They enjoy playing fetch, agility training, and hide-and-seek, learning tricks and even chasing their humans!

But this is just scratching the surface when it comes to how much these gentle creatures love to have fun. From walking outside in a yard with other doggies or going on walks with their human companions – poodles really don’t know any limits when it comes to having fun.

If you’re looking for your next furry companion but still not sure which breed might be best suited for you specifically – consider adopting a pooch from one of our shelters near Boston today! Comment below if you have any questions.

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