Are Poodles Brave Dogs

Are Poodles Brave Dogs? 10 Things a Brave Dog Do

Are poodles brave? It is a common misconception that dogs who are small and fluffy can’t be as tough as their larger counterparts. But studies have shown that the smaller breeds, like the Poodle, are actually braver than bigger dogs.

Because they need to stand up for themselves more often. They make great pets and companions for those looking for a dog who needs less room and doesn’t shed!

Why do we say this?

Well, courage and bravery are not inherent personality traits. Courage and bravery come from a dog’s experiences with humans and other dogs (and cats). Over time, the more positive experiences they have, the braver they become.

So how do small breeds like Poodles become brave dogs? We think it’s because they are treated like the little people that they think they are.

1. What is bravery in dogs?

Bravery in dogs is the opposite of fear and anxiety. When a dog faces something new or challenging, its natural reaction is often to flee (or fight depending on the challenge).

But what if they face that same situation and hold their ground? This dog might be considered brave.

For example: If you stand facing your dog holding a nail clipper and your dog starts to wag his tail, you might be thinking that he is excited about getting a nail trim.

But if you reach for the same object and your dog lifts his lip or backs away from you, he may be telling you that he doesn’t feel comfortable around this particular object.

2. Why small and fluffy dogs are considered brave?

More than anything else, it is their size that allows smaller breeds to face challenges with bravery. Since they need to stand up for themselves more often, they learn earlier on not to be intimidated by new people or situations.

So if you have a Poodle who has been taught from puppyhood not to be intimidated by children or other dogs, then you have a dog that may be more likely to face new situations with bravery.

3. The most common misconception about poodles:

The biggest misconception about the Poodle breed is that they are fragile dogs. In fact, it is quite the opposite. They have been bred for centuries to be at least somewhat protective of their human families!

This doesn’t mean they will attack an intruder (although many Poodles might defend their people if they needed to), but instead, it means that they understand the appropriate level of barking to let you know there is someone at the door.

It also means that Poodles are generally very aware of their surroundings and might even tell you if something doesn’t smell right or feel right! This allows them to be brave watchdogs who aren’t running from a challenge, just because it’s a new situation!

So if you are looking for a dog who will feel confident and secure in an ever-changing world, then look no further than your local Poodle rescue or breeder. You may have found your perfect match!

4. How to make your pup braver?

There are a few very simple things you can do to help your pup become the perfect balance of brave and loving.

Just like with most dogs, positive reinforcement is key. So when your Poodle comes up to a new person, don’t force it to say hi if it doesn’t want to! You might be able to gently push its little nose in the direction of your guest, but if it shies away or starts to wag its tail, don’t force the issue.

Similarly, when you go to new places like dog parks or stores that allow dogs (and sometimes cats), let your pup take its time getting used to the new smells and people.

This will only help you build your Poodle’s confidence and lessen the likelihood that it will act out because of its fear.

Of course, if your pup starts acting aggressively (snarling or snapping at people), then you should consult with a professional immediately to make sure this behavior doesn’t become a habit!

Maybe you have a friend who owns a Poodle, but you don’t know much about the breed or its history. Well, lucky for you, we have some interesting information on this particular dog that will tell you all about where they come from and what makes them unique.

When it comes to their appearance, Poodles are actually classified into three different sizes: standard, miniature, and toy.

What’s interesting about these breeds is that their appearance and size don’t necessarily dictate the amount of energy they have (although smaller sizes do tend to be a bit more energetic). The main point of differentiation comes in their coats.

Different coat types include:

Curly Poodle (This particular breed has tight curls all over its body and tends to be very energetic.)

Corded Poodle (This breed has a unique corded coat that can either lay flat or stand up. This breed is also known for being extremely intelligent and trainable!)

Hairless Poodle (This pup was originally bred in China and sports a soft, smooth coat. However, if you were to look at one of these dogs you would see that it is almost entirely hairless, except for its tail and head.)

Powderpuff (This particular Poodle has a soft and fluffy coat and was originally bred as a lap dog!)

Even though those breeds might give your pup a completely different appearance, they should still all have the same general temperament and traits.

5. 10 things a brave dog do:

  1. A brave dog will protect its family fiercely.
  2. A brave dog will remain high on its toes around strangers, but not be aggressive or nervous.
  3. A brave dog will allow itself to be petted and even cuddled by new people.
  4. A brave dog would bark at intruders if necessary, but avoid getting into personal battles with them.
  5. A brave dog will let you know if something doesn’t smell right or feel right by getting closer and taking an ascent.
  6. A brave dog would rather explore the unknown with you than retreat to safety alone.
  7. A brave dog will trust itself to make good decisions, even in stressful situations.
  8. A brave dog is a perfect balance of loving and confidence.
  9. A brave dog will stick by your side no matter what you’re doing – whether it’s running, playing, or relaxing on the couch.
  10. A brave dog is an energetic and vigilant watchdog who will keep its cool when situations get dicey.

If you feel like you can trust your pup with big decisions in life, then you should consider yourself very lucky and blessed. That’s because your best friend really does know how to pick its humans!


At the end we can come to a conclusion that poodles are a brave dogs when it comes to protect their families.

We also discussed 10 different things a brave dog can do in this article. If you have any questions regarding your poodle please feel free to leave us a comment, our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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