Do Poodles Need to Be Shaved

Do Poodles Need to Be Shaved? Is Shaving Necessary for Poodles?

What comes to our mind first when we talk about poodles? The fancy haircuts! Right? Poodles are very popular around the world. They are well-known for their groomed stylish haircuts and shaved appearance.

But the point to wonder is why do poodles need to be shaved? And what happens if you don’t shave a poodle or groom it? And that is what you are wondering right now!

So yes! Shaving poodles is necessary. Poodles have a thick hair texture and a very high growth rate of hair. Poodle hairs are extremely curly. Shaving and grooming keep them away from tangles or mats. Shaving the hair comforts poodles in warm temperatures. Moreover, grooming reduces shedding and that’s a plus for poodle parents.

There are many dos and don’ts of shaving poodles. Such as when to do it and how to do it? And a lot more interesting facts about poodle hairstyles are up next in this article. So, Let’s dive in!

Do Poodles Need to Be Shaved? How Often?

Poodles have extremely thick and textured curly hair. If you don’t shave a poodle, the hairs get tangled and form mats. Poodles do not have human-like hairs, not the fur that typically sheds.

Grooming a poodle is a must to maintain its hair growth and to keep tangles away. And when we talk about grooming a poodle, it also includes shaving.

We see a lot of shaving styles for poodles nowadays. Dog groomers are very familiar with different looks and hairstyles to maintain poodle hairs.

Groomers recommend grooming your poodle every 6-8 weeks to maintain proper look and hygiene. To keep your poodle comfortable during the grooming session, you should not neglect its grooming for more than 10 weeks.

This is especially important for complex grooming styles in which tufts of hair are long around the poodle’s face, feet, and chest area.

As I said earlier, poodles do not have typical dog “fur”. They do not shed like other dogs. Are you wondering what happens if you don’t shave a poodle?

So, if you left a poodle ungroomed, the hair will grow long and form mats. Hence, it will accumulate dirt, debris, and unwanted tiny objects and insects.

Such ungroomed poodles do not only look bad to see but also accumulate dirt. Even if you do not want your poodle to get shaved, you must brush its hair every day!

Poodle Shaving in Summers and Winters

Poodles need to be groomed all year round. Many poodle parents who live in hot climates choose shorter cuts for their poodles to keep them comfortable in the heat of summer.

Shaving poodles are not like shaving the hair right from the skin. The term “Shave” is what people usually misinterpret. It is a grooming technique used for poodles. Poodles are not shaved to expose their skin. It is more like shearing a sheep.

So, shearing a poodle leaves enough hair to cover the skin and protects it from rashes, sunburns, and many other skin allergies. And it is highly recommended in summers.

On the other hand, in winters many poodle parents choose to leave the poodle hair a bit longer. This helps poodles to stay warm, cozy, and comfortable. But don’t forget to brush its hair daily. This will untangle the unruly knots, removes debris, and prevent matting.

Do Poodles Need to Be Shaved? Poodle Feet Shaving!

There are many grooming styles for poodles in which poodle hairs are left more around the legs and feet. While many owners choose to shave their poodle’s feet. You might be wondering Why?

We know poodles have a lot of hair and they can easily attract dirt, debris, and insects in their hair especially in the feet as they walk outside. They can bring dirt inside the home and can get sharp objects stuck in their hair.

Dogs’ feet are prone to injuries, cuts, and scrapes as they are curious to explore their surroundings. Trimmed hair around the feet and legs makes it easier for you to locate and see injuries and to clean the wound.

Shaving a poodle’s feet not only makes them look clean but also makes everyday grooming easy and less time-consuming to maintain. While shaving your poodle’s feet isn’t necessary but it has various advantages.

Shaving a poodle’s feet can be tricky and hard. For this purpose, you should go to a professional groomer as he can handle sensitive areas like feet and face carefully.

Why Are Poodle Faces Shaved?

Poodle hair grows alike all over their body including the face. Many poodle groomers shave a poodle’s face for the aesthetic appearance and elegance of the poodle head.

Shaving poodle’s face also maintains hygiene and cleaning. It prevents food and water from getting trapped in the hair especially near the eyes and mouth. It also reduces the risks of injuries on the face as any sharp object can easily get stuck in there.

Origin of Poodle Grooming Styles

Poodles are easily recognizable due to their unique hairstyles. And we often ponder from where did these styles come from?

Well, these poodle grooming techniques were started in Europe in the 16th and 17th centuries when poodles were used as retrievers to collect retrieving items from water.

As more poodle hair will weigh them down so the groomers remove an abundance of poodle hair to make them weigh less.

In the late 17th and 18th centuries, when poodles became famous as pets, their grooming styles evolved and groomers started trying new haircuts to maintain the aesthetics of the royal breed.

Do Poodles Need to Be Shaved? Conclusion:

Poodles indeed look wonderful and are amazing companions to have as a pet. But have you ever thought that what does a poodle looks like ungroomed?

Poodles have extremely thick and curly hair that grows very fast. They need extra care and maintenance as compared to the other dog breeds.

Poodle faces and feet are especially shaved to keep them clean. Trimming a poodle’s hair not only makes everyday brushing easy but also reduces the risks of injuries and debris from trapping in the hair. So, if you want to get a poodle, get ready to maintain the grooming!

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